Tuesday, April 19, 2011


 Another ugmo day.

 What's with the extremes in the weather?

 Mud....cute ponies.

 Grabbed some rhubarb out of the garden for a friend.
 These plants are so hardy, transplanting should work.
 Had to go down to Country Max to get some grain.
It's as close as I could get to spring.  What a great selection of potted plants.

 When we moved to the farm, there was an old wood shed back by Gary's barn.  Two times gigantic branches crashed into it during storms and we had to take the whole thing down.  Two weeks ago a new shed was ordered and today it arrived.  It was made by the Amish.
 Gary's tools will be stored in it.
 I love it!
 Wouldn't it be perfect for chickens?
 Fat chance!

 Tina and Mel arrived just when they finished placing the shed.
 Sidney wanted to participate.
 Tina worked on her pastel pencil drawing of her bunnies and cat,
then switched over to her cow and calf.
 Mel made some adjustments to his painting of the polar bears.
 Before Tina left, the dogs earned a treat.

It was a perfect afternoon to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie....the fire was going,
Barb had chore duty.  

Made a simple dinner....salad
 and chili.  You'd think it was winter!
Signing off.
Night all.


  1. here's hoping your nasty weather turns around very quickly! the bay horse in his green rambo's expression is funnny! love his eyes! wonderful flowers, would love to get some tulips but i went to lowe's and didn't see any...looks like despite the weather you had a nice day. tina's work is superb!! oh, and yes, the chickens should take over the new tool house...boring tools!!! :)

  2. Love those roof/sky photos--you could take the same shot in all different kinds of weather and I'd love every one. Also loved the indulgence in flowers--gorgeous!

  3. Glad you found some Spring...so pretty.

    What a great looking tool shed. Particularly like the doors...even has windows. Wonder what color Gary will paint it!

  4. Those flowers are the perfect antidote to your weather. Hope you get a glorious day soon.
    Love the shed.

  5. Great little shed. Sorry to hear that it is still cold. The flowers must have brightened your spirit.

  6. the weather here has been horrible too :( but you got some lovely photos

  7. Now, that's a day, regardless of the funkiness of a northern spring.

  8. ugmo! but you made the best of it...

  9. Guess I shouldn't tell you it was 81 and sunny yesterday...

  10. What a great word "ugmo" - love it! And that shed... beautiful! Brett would LOVE a shed like that. I notice it even has a skylight. Gar must be in heaven. And rhubarb... turning cartwheels here!

  11. each of your wonderful posts has enough good stuff for several normal posts!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  12. The shed is beautiful. I have to show it to my hubby. He keeps talking about a shed at our new place.
    Oh, and the flowers! Oh my, I can just smell the hyacinth! It warms me up just seeing all of that beauty in one place. Did you bring a bunch home?!

  13. I've pretty much given up on Spring and am now screaming for Summer. Even with it's heat and bugs.. it's better then 38 F degree's and RAIN, and RAIN, and even more RAIN !

    Love the flowers. I stood looking at spring plants at a local store wishing it was nice enough to plant too.


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