Sunday, April 3, 2011


 Another beautiful sunrise.
It's getting greener and greener.
 Chilly enough to leave the sheets on the horses.

 Three of them stayed in the paddock for hay...
Mustafa headed straight for the pasture and the pretend grass. 
I left Berlin's door open so the barn could absorb a little of the heat that was on it's way.
With Barb's help, we finished chores by 8:30 again.  She went home and I worked on the garden (above) until after 11.  Really cleaned it out.
 There's the yucca plant...NO SNOW!
 Gucci and Phoebe stuck it out with me the whole time.  We went out at 7:30.
Jen dropped the boys off around 1pm while she went to a political event for an hour.

 They didn't even come in the house...headed straight for the swing.

 Grampa got a little carried away with his pushing.

 When they finally came in, Finn wanted to see my new drum.  We messed around for a long time....he's a natural.

 The temperature was over 50 and the sheets were off.

 Sidney was outside until after 3....
 Then he came in for a two hour nap.

 Gucci was at attention, waiting to see what was next.
 I went out to the paddock with a bag and a shedding blade.
 Does my 33 year old Masterpiece look divine or what.  I can grab a handful of hair and pull it right off.

 Zero excuses left.  Kate (All Horse Stuff) sent me some great weather and after reading all that she does with THREE horses on a regular basis....I was shamed into riding today.  Berlin has not been ridden all winter and she was a doll.  A bitless bridle....no problems...my kind of horse.
 Went in for about 45 minutes before chores.
 The ponies were going for their pre dinner....dinner.

 While I was in the barn, Gary made veggie burgers and some corn that we had blanched and frozen last summer.  There is just no comparison.  When I got in, made the coleslaw and we were good to go!  It tasted great!
Finished....A very busy week coming up.
Night all.


  1. i love coming here-

    Spring Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  2. What the heck? 50s? We'll be 18 tonight! And the boys are shedding like crazy (Paj is molting).
    Love the photo of the kids way up in the air! Best grandfather ever!
    Tonight I made a salad with pear and Good Seasons dressing, inspired by you! It was yummy.

  3. Hello Mrs Yucca plant! You look mahvelous! What a day, Lori! Looked beautiful! We had sun and snow and snow and sun...but soon enough it'll be spring here, too! I've been grooming the herd every day leaving the fur out for the birds to use for nesting-so now I see what all that hay is for! To grow more fur :)

    Dinner sure looked tasty-hope you sleep well tonight!
    Ps-Masterpiece looks amazing for 33!!

  4. I'll be interested to see what "a busy week" is like for you. They all look pretty full.
    Regards, Mike.

  5. I know you are glad to see spring arrive. I LOVE that swing!!!

  6. Thanks for letting me 'visit' the farm today--enjoyed your natural drummer and the sunshine and those great animals. . .

  7. ho ho! The boys are really flying on that swing - wheeeee! I'm a "Nana," too. I enjoyed Finn's mini-concert. Very handsome boys, both of them. Blessings.
    What breed are your Gucci and Phoebe? I've been trying to adopt a rescue dog; your dogs are sure cute!

  8. Nice to hear that you did some riding.


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