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Monday, April 25, 2011


Last year we were dry, this year April is over the top saturated.
 These two shots are for Sharon, who is down in the Carolinas (where the sun might be shining).
 The paddock was a muck hole, so I put the hay in one of the pastures.
 It's right next to the rhubarb! Yours is going to look like this (Annette).

 The forecast called for rain, and I really wanted to mow the lawn before it started.  Fortunately the lawn tractor started.  It wasn't mowing level...duh!  The back tire needed more air.  Thank you Gary.

 Of course it had to sprinkle while I was finishing up.

In the house by 12:30.  The tulips are on their last leg....but still very interesting.

 Within two days, I'll bet the petals will fall off.

I was in the house relaxing when it started to I went out to see how bad it was for the horses.  The smarties were in the indoor!  So I got them each a flake of hay and went back inside where it was nice and cozy.
Put those sweet ponies in early.

 Leftovers for dinner.

Time for a nice hot shower....a fire....and dancing.
Night all.


  1. We've been very rainy in April too - even the pastures are turning into swamps - and even more rain is coming tonight.

  2. Sounds like you had a very nice day, despite the rain! Raining here too off and on. :)

  3. I do love these wide open "hello world and goodbye soon" tulips!

  4. Hello!! We're really wet here in Virginia too--I'm wondering if we'll end up with a dry summer on the flip side of all this...I hope not!

    Beautiful pictures of the tulips!! I hope you're having an enjoyable evening!!

  5. Smart horses!
    Oh i wish this rain would be gone!

    I soo want to see some sun! i think i'm craving for it! haha


  6. I can't wait for my rhubarb to look like that! Is it next year yet? I know I have to control myself and just let it grow this year. We had sunshine today - we must be trading on the weather. Leftovers here too.

  7. I'm not so interested in rain either, but one day of downpour would sure take care of the last of my snow. Haven't decided if I should start shoveling the doesn't get the warm afternoon sun and it is still so deep. I hope your rain lets up by the weekend and things start to dry up.

  8. Ponies with sweet!

  9. How do you get your rhubard to look so good? Does it grow very fast? Special food for it? I've got six plants in the ground but they are very young. How old before it can be picked? I LOVE rhubard. :):)

  10. Seeing your muddy paddocks make me feel better. I spend more time washing my horses legs these days than doing anything else with them. Those tulips are lovely - so exotic when they are wide open.

  11. The new header is gorgeous! I love how green it is at SF. We have just a hint.

  12., is there a way you can send the rain out our way? We are desperate for some moisture!
    Everything looks so green and luscious there - well, of course, why shouldn't it with umpteen feet of the wet stuff!!!

    Your rhubarb looks so pretty. Mine is up, too :-) This is the 2nd year that I've had it. Do you put a bucket over it to encourage long stems? If so, when do you do that?

  13. Thank you for the cloudy pics (!) - we do have blue skies but I'm headed up north later this week- up to the mud and the rain. . .?

  14. Love those horse/fog shots. Fabulous!


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