Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Several years ago I came up with an idea called ART WALKS ON WATER.   I had been working with an Art & Aesthetics committee in our community to place public art in Brockport and wanted to take it a step further.  Thought it would be a great idea to have a piece of art in every port or waterfront along the 524 mile New York State Canal System.  230 towns.  The biggest art gallery in the world! 
A presentation was made to the Canal Corporation and they thought it was a good idea.  By then, we had placed an 18' sculpture next to the Welcome Center, which sits near the Erie Canal.

 100 volunteers man this Welcome Center 7 days a week, registering boaters and giving visitors information about the area.  Generally the Canal opens May 1st.
 If you have been following my Journal, this sculpture should look familiar.  It was produced my our friend Bill have seen many of his pieces in our house and out in the yard.

This one is called "Howdeeee."  It is 18 feet tall,  made of metal, and greets all the boaters as they visit our port.

This is one of the packet boats that can be rented through Mid Lakes Navigation.  They are generally rented for 1 week at a time to people who have first passed a "driving" test.
Generally there are bikes on board so the passengers can go exploring at each port.

The Canal Corporation invited me to speak at a conference after they learned of my idea and it was the first of many.  Numerous communities have made an effort to place public art near the canal, but so far the most successful efforts have come through Mark DeCracker and his project....Mural Mania.  (Check out what has been accomplished on the website below).

Yesterday I received a phone call from H.B., who was one of my biggest supporters.  Although I have not been actively campaigning over the past year or so, progress has been made.  She works for the Erie Canalway Heritage Corporation Commission.

"The Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor Commission and staff, in partnership with the National Park Service, collaborate with communities and organizations to preserve and interpret our heritage, invite visitors to explore what makes us unique, and ensure a vibrant future for the 2.7 million NewYorkers who call the Erie Canalway home."

Their website:
is an encyclopedia of information that can introduce you to the many sites and activities available along this waterway.  For example, once you get on the site, go to EXPLORE and click on the ARTS.
Enjoy and learn.

To be continued.


  1. Love the colorful art pieces! Looks like a great place to visit. :)

  2. I have always wanted to float down a canal...


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