Friday, April 15, 2011


in and out.
Sheets on the ponies
gloves on my hands.

 It's nice to have dogs....
farm dogs.
 Even fancy dogs like
Mademoiselle Gucci Poochie 'Lisbet Skoog.
From now on
the daylillies will be measured
by the height of the sculpture.

How about a late lunch?
Let's drive down Canal Road 
and head out to The Crooked Door.
When will the put the water back in?

 A booth in the bar area
was just right.
 "So why didn't you remember 
to take pictures of our food?"
Home before 3.
A delivery.
Paper goods and fabric for the tables.
Party on Sunday in the barn
for the dancers and drummers from Sankofa.
 All from Brazil.

 One more beautiful
than the next.
 No dinner.  Just a piece of pie at 5:30.
Fed the dogs.
Fed the cats.
Fed the horses.

Off to Sankofa.
A treat for Princess Lizzie.
 Welcome, said Clyde Morgan....the artistic director.
The set was
simple and cool.
 There was amazing variety.
Clever, creative.....

And the Maestro....
Superman on the drums.
Khalid Saleem.
 He's the man.  

Once again, the performance was sold out.
Can't wait to get a ticket...
there won't be any left.

Another outstanding experience in our little town.
Wish all of you were here.
Night all.


  1. good day indeed!

    very enjoyable, Skoog Folks

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  2. That was one CRISP day...from the farm to the fantastic fabrics and gorgeous performance!

  3. Really enjoyed that video! What a treat! The fabrics are beautiful. We have a few pieces from my MIL that she brought back from Nigeria. I will have to photograph them sometime. Lots of bright colors and patterns.

  4. Great day; stunning fabrics--luv luv luv. May I ask where you ordered them from?


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