Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Last night we were spared.  The weather was not too bad.
 Around 60 when I went out to the barn....
 It was blowing....
 and blowing.....
 and blowing.
 Don't let those blue skies fake you out.
 The temperature was steadily dropping...
 the sun made it bearable.

 Must have been in slow...did not finish until 9:45.
The kitties were all snug in their hideouts.
 When they came into the house, Seymour headed straight for the dryer.  He must love the warmth.

 and Gucci sacked out this afternoon.
How the blossoms are staying on the flowers is beyond me.

Is it like this at your house?

 A very unproductive day for me.  Too windy. When I went out to do chores, Masterpiece went down to roll.  He got up easily (now that his blanket is off).  What a good boy!  That bum knee does not help him at all.
 His youthful body has left him, now that he is 33.  He's lost the most muscle in his back end.
Abbe looks ready for a nap.
Over and out!
Night all.

PS....on my way to take a shower the sun was starting to set and I just had to get out my camera.  The wind had finally lost some of it's punch.


  1. beautiful pictures as usual.
    loving the kitty in the dryer-to cute!!
    We had a very rainy windy day here,spent most of it in the greenhouse :)

  2. Beautiful skies, but I am so glad no one got hurt!

  3. Hi Lori...I`m so glad you guys are alright. Mother Nature seems to have a TEMPER that isn`t on the kind side. Those tornadoes really are scary and we have never had them ever, just hurricanes. Take care!

  4. our weather has been stormy all month and windy too. today thankfully we had sun but still lots of wind and more showers tonight. your seymour looks like my tiger. there was a huge gust of wind while i was down at the barn earlier this week where a tree broke in two! i sprinted up to the house! :0

  5. It was a bit breezy here today, but very sunny and warmer than it has been.

    Sorry it was so brutal for you today. Hoping your weather improves. Your flowers look marvelous. :)

  6. hey Lori, Great set of pics and a gripping story to boot. Your new header is smashing!!! Tulips? The color, lighting and composition is right on -- brava!

  7. That Seymour is burning right through his 9 lives!
    It's windy here too - blew the shavings right out of the stalls and into the aisle.
    Love the PS photos - the light is gorgeous.

  8. just gorgeous!

    love the kitty in the dryer- goes lying on warm laundry one better :-)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  9. The green with the golden sun is absolutely beautiful!

  10. Nice pics I must admit My Hero was up on the barn roof inside the barn trying to pull down the tin blowing off. Our barn is very high it was one heck of a wind last night.
    Love the dryer shot. B

  11. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Masterpiece is such a sweet soul. Seymour in the dryer is priceless. It has been windy here as well. I hate seeing all of my flowers getting battered.

  12. Love the color and composition of the last picture. Excellent!


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