Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last night when I pulled out of the driveway to go to bridge, the sky was too beautiful for me not to take pictures.  I had already posted for the day so here they are now....

This morning started out in the same mode, but it sure did not last long.
It was cold, very windy and there was an abundance of mud.
I put hay in the back pasture and within 5 minutes all four ponies had rolled.
Don't let that sun fool ya.
I don't know what more Masterpiece could do to his blanket.  I give up!

By the time chores were finished, Phoebe and Sidney hooked up.

They are such sweet buddies.
Can't we all just get along????

Made a quick stop on the way to chorus...had to hurry, as it started at 10am.
 We had a great rehearsal.

Jeff, our drum jam facilitator at the farm, came up this afternoon and we did some jamming.  Had such a good time working with drums, bells and shakers.  Gary even got in on it.  The more I play the bass drums, the more I like them.
We reluctantly stopped playing at 4:30 as I still had to get dinner ready for Jenny and the boys.  It just didn't work out on Monday.
 Finn and Coop ate like champs and had little banana splits for dessert.
 At 6:30 I went out to do chores...obviously that blue sky disappeared sometime during the afternoon.  It was darn right cold!

 Just when it was time to go in, the sun came out again.
 Tomorrow it's supposed to hit 50 degrees....I'll take it.  Sunshine too.

 Coop and Finn were busy with all their super heroes when I got back in the house.

 Of course I don't really remember what they call these guys....
 I do know that they can put together a lot of parts to come up with different things all the time.
Believe it or not, these are Finn's first tie shoes.  In this day and age, velcro has made this procedure a lost art.  When our girls were young, they had to know how to do this before kindergarten.

Got to go now.  Singing this time.....
Night all.


  1. Spring is almost here - can't wait for the warm weather!

  2. Ok, here we go swapping weather again. You'll be sunny and 50 tomorrow, and we're going to have rain all night. That's very unusual here, but we need it. Goodbye white feathers and clean horses, goodbye!

  3. I love that you take time each week for a family dinner with your daughter and grandsons. It's the most important thing you do. :)

  4. So nice to see the spring pictures!

  5. The boys so cute...love the new tie shoes!

    Sidney and Phoebe...out for a morning stroll, such good friends.

    The ponys having a good roll...

    All your kids just being kids!

  6. Your grandsons are a lot like my grandson in what they like . . .and tie shoes, yep, what are those?? Ho. Why do horses roll in the mud? For the fun of it?

    Want some of that banana split. . .mmm.

    And I hope you get the warm weather promised!


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