Friday, March 25, 2011


7:15am at Skoog Farm....

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 It's only 11am and I have been taking a lot of pictures.  So far today.....
L'orange was looking his "orangeist" as he sat on the porch while I was taking my sunrise shots.
The rays were right on him....
The light in our bedroom was mellow as it filtered through the curtains.
To the west, the sky was already like it is at Terry's in Colorado.

While I was doing chores, went upstairs to take an inventory of the hay.  At this time of year, I always think there will not be enough.  I opened the back door and the ponies were right there.  They must not  like the hay I put out in the paddock.  It's the last batch of first cutting and is different from what they have been eating.  We shall see how hungry they are...it's nice stuff!

By the way, it was in the teens this morning and I had to go back in the house to warm up my hands.
Those few mild days really spoiled me.

 Now, it's time to grab a shower....Gary wants to go out to lunch.  Have a great day, I will be back later.

As for the rest of the day....
I vacuumed the whole downstairs, swept and mopped the kitchen floor....and almost forgot that Gucci had an appointment with the Vet at 2:45.  I left the house at 2:40.
 Fortunately, it was only a 3 mile drive.
Gucci was a very good girl for Doc Edwards...she lost 3/4 of a pound.  Yey! (Got a 3 year distemper shot with all that other stuff in it).

When we got home, I went to overstock.com to look at this drum for the second time.  After a long conversation I ended up ordering it.  Hope it's the right one....a dagomba made in Ghana.  Shipping was only $1.00.  I was shocked!

Gary had to watch Finn and Cooper today as they were both home from school.  He did not get home until 3:30 so going out to lunch bombed out.  Instead, we went for an early dinner at a local diner style restaurant.  A real townie flavor and it was packed!  Regardless of the economy, people seem to have money to go out to dinner.  I'm glad some of them chose to come to a family owned place like this.
 Earlier in the day, it clouded over and we had a couple of flurries, but by late afternoon we were back in business.  The water trough did not freeze today so it must have been near 30 degrees.
The ponies were ready for dinner.

This is how it looked at 6:45.  (To the North East).

And to the West....the sun was going down.
When I got back in the house...it looked almost like it did last night at the same time (through my dirty library window).
A real SkyWatch Friday.
Night all.


  1. nice photography ,are you extra filter.

  2. Wow, look at that starry sun! Looks like another great photo for your cards, Lori. . .

  3. Wow! that's all I can say...

  4. Lori, your shots are just awesome!

  5. OMG... how did you do that? It's beautiful!

  6. Wow, Lori, these are spectacular photos!! I love the star of David shape of the sun. How did you get it to look that way, or did it just happen? Gorgeous colors, too!

  7. Enjoy your lunch! I love those pictures of l'Orange with the sunlight on his gorgeous orange coat.

  8. Gorgeous sky and gorgeous La'Orange.just beautiful. thanks for explaining the art thingy...

  9. Gorgeous sky and gorgeous La'Orange.just beautiful. thanks for explaining the art thingy...

  10. The 2nd L'orange picture would be a great addition to your orange card collection. Hope you had a delish lunch.

  11. Those shots of L'Orange are fantastic. You can see every hair.
    Your sky is bluer than ours today!

  12. The pictures are just amazing! I can't believe the horses are that picky. My goats have so much old grass to eat in the pasture, but they still think I should be feeding them hay. Silly animals.

  13. I take it back, I like them both!

  14. WOW! I can't believe you found that drum on Overstock. Beautiful. Can't wait to hear how you like it.
    It has turned cold here again. Calling for more snow this week. I hope you get a break soon.

  15. The first shots and your kitty shots seem to go together....the sun seems to have an unusual aura about it and L'orange has a special aura as well...so nice..tks!


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