“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Monday, March 7, 2011


Hello Colorado skies!
What a beautiful morning.
Even tho it was in the 20s that solar heat was doing it's job.  Melting!
I had to go upstairs to get more hay and got carried away sweeping the floor.  When I dumped the hay out the back door.  This was the view.
Once again, the outdoor arena has turned into a hockey rink.
There was one in the corner of the big pasture too.
I took an inventory of the hay.
There were two different first cuttings and two seconds (grass, not the rich stuff).  I should be able to make it until June, when I will get the new hay. 
When I used to have 8 or 10 horses, this place was packed with over 1500 bales.  Now I will only need 500 at the max.
By 9:30 you could really feel the heat (still cold, but felt good).

How about that sky Terry?

Just as I finished up in the barn....
my friend Sally arrived to buy more of my note cards.  She has been my best customer!
She was not in a hurry, and was able to spend some time with the horses.

Where we went, Sidney followed.
When we got in the house, Sally looked at all the books I've made and we had a cup of tea.
Noticed that I have a new hibiscus blossom.
L'orange was showing off for us.

I cooled it for an hour....
Pretty soon the afternoon sun was coming in the windows...
 So warm on the west side of the house....
and so cold on the south side.
Gucci and Sidney were sitting on my lap asking me to take their pictures.  Too close!!!
I finally went out to do evening chores.
Drove down to Brockport to have our Monday night dinner with Jen and the boys.

Chicken wrapped around cheese, ham and tomato....peas, rice and a delicious salad.

The boys set up a store and wanted Jenny to come and purchase some items.  It was called "Two Brothers Sports Mix" and they dragged in sleds, balls, books about sports and anything you could think of.
 Gary left for a meeting at the Alumni House and I got home before 8.  Time to kick back.
Night all.


  1. Lori, please give me my sky back. We have a NY sky here today, and I want mine back!

  2. Wonderful pictures...beautiful view. Did I see some ground without snow??

  3. The hibiscus is gorgeous! Do you keep it inside all the time?

  4. Beautiful sunrise, beautiful sunset and a busy day inbetween. You took lots of nice shots during the day. Mickie

  5. Those snowy pics look like a fairytale setting! That hay looks good! Loved the hibiskus!

  6. Lori; I love your Hay barn...!!!
    How wonderful clean and dry and just perfect storing place!!!!!

    GORGEOUS WINTER SKIES and wonderful kitty shots and tender friend-horses pics!!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  7. i really like your first shot lori - nice composition & feel to that one
    i always find your cats very cute

  8. You all should see the tremendous beams in those barns...they don't make them like that today.

    Loved the horses...so friendly! Abbe followed us around and helped give the tour.

    Tangerine Tea...yum...and more gorgeous pictures. I'm waiting for the B&B to open...don't I wish!

    Thanks, Lori

  9. Love the shots from the hay loft! We are trading snow for rain these days. Hope yours melts soon!

  10. Another nice day at Skoog Farm :-). Great pics!

  11. I had to laugh because all through looking at your wonderful picture, I'm wondering if there will be food at the end. Sure enough, there was. Lori, I just love your blog!--Inger

  12. I always love seeing photos of your dogs and cats..Love that one of L'orange...and of course your grandkids are always adorable. And above - that top photo of 'colorado skies - wow.


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