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Friday, March 18, 2011


Normally I post a photo of the sky from this morning.  Well, it was totally grey!  The past week has had incredible skies, so take a look at them in the post below.  Click on SkyWatch in my sidebar to see what it looks like around the world.

I lied!  By 7:45 there was a little activity up above.
After a high of 60 degrees, the temperature is going to take a dip today...no more snow for now...just a little rain in the forecast.

PS....the weatherman was wrong!
...at 10:30am no rain, the temperature was still 60 and the sky was brilliant!

When you finish checking out skies, there is more... an awful lot of interesting stuff is going on at Farms all over the country.  You can get there by clicking on this logo in my sidebar.

Hope you are all having a great Friday with a nice, relaxing weekend coming up.


  1. Hope you bring Abbe back...that was a great header...

  2. It's the same here, Lori. After a week of beautiful weather with record highs, it's snowing! And of course it's moving day for the horses. Grrrr.

  3. Pretty gray here too, Lori. I took my Skywatch shots last night. The sky was gorgeous right before sundown. ;)

  4. Great pictures, love it when the weathermen are wrong. By the way I really like your new header picture, too cute.

  5. Love Abbe up in the header--what a great shot! And you've captured those changing skies so well. Hope it stays blue for a while . . .

  6. aw I love the new banner shot!


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