Friday, March 11, 2011


Tra la....a so so morning.  No snow.  Windy.
 Fed the ponies, cleaned the stalls and set up hay and water for later.
Would anyone care to go for a swim in my outdoor arena?
Got the beet pulp ready....
I hang it up so no critters can get it.  There's my sled that I use to haul the hay around.
Got to have a calendar.  Yeah!  Barb has chore duty Saturday and Sunday nights!
Cleaned out the grain buckets....
Nothing left to do but sweep the floor.
Because of the wind, I put part of the hay in bags or nets.
Every morning it's the same....
Two wheel barrows...  Last night the paddock was picked with the big one and I finished filling it up this morning.  I need the smaller one to get down the aisle to two of the stalls.
No seagulls today.
 We had an 11 o'clock appointment to have our taxes done....
at this community building in Hilton.
AARP offers this service at no charge, you just give a donation to help pay for the paper your return is printed on.  Such a deal!  This is our 3rd year.
Gary wanted to stop for pancakes and eggs....I had a chicken salad sandwich.
We were only home for a short time, before we had to go to the Town Hall for a meeting.  Gary and I are going to help out with an event taking place at the Arts Festival in August.
When we walked out of the building it was SNOWING AND BLOWING LIKE CRAZY and I still had to go grocery shopping.
Here we go again with that white stuff.
My piggies looked gorgeous.
The grassy pasture was now covered with snow and the flooded corner had lots of geese in it.
My picture looks blue because it was almost dark.
No  special dinner.  Roasted potatoes, veggie burgers and corn salad.  I will do something more exciting tomorrow night when we have company.
That's all she wrote.
Night all.


  1. haha thanks for the wonderful overview of your day! But i'll pass on the swiming in the outdoor arena...

    Maybe riding sometime in it would be more fun...


  2. Hmmm, don't you think that working horses in a pond would have great benefits? Clean feet (well, then again, maybe not) and surely it must be a great muscle building activity to slop around in water!
    I love Hilton. I used to visit my aunt and go to the Baptist Church there. Our big treat was to hit the candy counter at the nifty drug store after church. The tax program sounds wonderful!

  3. Oh my gosh-you got more snow today--but it is so pretty. I prefer that snow to mud, don’t you? I have to get my taxes done too--Ugh! That is a great deal though. I think your supper looks awesome!

  4. Hmmm....no swimming for me either. But, what a deal on your taxes! Wish I could get that kind of deal!!

  5. What a change in the landscape throughout the day. Your riding ring is quote a sight! I'm sure it will dry up quickly now.

  6. I think you've had quite enough yucky weather.
    That dinner is a perfect meal to me.

  7. What a beautiful farm ya'll have. I have been over here snooping around, I am your newest follower. Your horses are bearutiful, love seeing your barns and all around your place. Love those pretty little dogs,too.

  8. Love your night shot...Geese and all...so pastoral.

  9. Enjoyed reading about your BUSY day..wow, you keep so busy..and more snow! eeegads..glad it's not doing that here.

  10. Egaddd!!! You shock me, Lori. I thought I was the last person in the world to use language like that. Don't know where you pick up such expressions.
    Regards, Mike.


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