Friday, February 8, 2019

How Many Hours of Very High Winds are We Going to Have??

50-60mph gusts.  Are you kidding?

 Forgetaboutit.....both dogs went back in the house early.
 Rebel and the girls were outside until noon.

 We had a little sun...

 but I gave up and put them in their stalls.
We had some branches blown off a few of the trees.
Gary and I both needed to replace our cards, so we went into
the Social Security Office around 3.  As expected it was
a pretty long wait.
On the way home we stopped at Mangia Mangia for an early dinner.
They always start you off with homemade bread and sauce.
 Gary had clam chowder and a fish fry.
and I had chicken salad on salad.
 Everything was perfect.

Now if the wind would stop blowing I would really appreciate it.


  1. looks very wet, very soggy,and for the horses feet, very boggy. Cannot get a word to rhyme for the food, so" Yummy" will have to suffice.I forgot, how about, for the day outside... " not suitable for any doggy"

  2. eeek gads...for the high winds. We had those here too but it just filled in plowed areas with snow. Looks wet and soggy there!


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