Thursday, November 9, 2017

It's Snowing...

The sunrise was quite spectacular.

 But all that colored had disappeared by the time I went out to the barn at 7:30.
 Another heavy frost.

 At 8:45 two guys arrived from Rochester Colonial to put in 11 new windows upstairs.
 I could not be more impressed.  They were so efficient and courteous.
Now, Gary is motivated to paint each of the four bedrooms, the bathroom and hall.
We are going to turn one of the bedrooms into a study with Gary's desk.  Love the windows!
 Here's a blurry picture of how three of the windows look from the outside!
So much better.

I ran a couple of errands this afternoon and when I got back to the farm, kept sorting and filing stacks and stack of papers.  Also had some time by the fire doing nothing.
 Almost all of our leaves are gone.
 This afternoon the temperature nearly hit 50 degrees, but we are having snow right now and it may go down to the teens.  Wacko weather.

 Tonight we had dinner with Ann, Ron, Brenda and Al.
Always nice to get together with them.  We had some very rowdy conversations.
It was all Al's fault (right Al?).
 All kinds of great appetizers followed by
 a soup course...

 my black beans...
 and a delicious fall/Mexican dinner.

 Brenda made an outstanding pumpkin pie for dessert.
We are up next...have to think of something different.
Night all.


  1. We replaced our windows this past summer. It has made a huge difference. Glad you are happy with yours as well.

  2. New windows are always a nice addition. I love how easy the new ones open and close. They look great.

  3. We love our new windows! Those look really nice!


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