Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What An Ugmo Day.....

Rain and cold.

 Off and on with temperatures dropping.
After chores....Sidney
 and Little Wonder took naps.
And by 10:30 we were out in the Studio for class.

 Carina arrived with our bread delivery at noon and the entire room smelled delicious.

 I stopped at Kathy K.s house at 2:15 and we headed over to the college for a meeting.
She picked these gorgeous flowers from her garden.

 I got home after 4 and did not feel like making dinner so we went to the Diner before my Town Board Workshop at 7.  It was a long one.

Gary and Little Wonder were hanging out in kitchen when I got home.
June 6th....and it's so cold we have a fire going.
Night all.

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  1. Dear Lori, have you added a horse in the last couple of years? I ask because I see four in your photographs, and I thought you used to have three.

    What a busy day you had. I find myself so wanting to be in your class. I'd love to learn how to draw and paint. Peace.


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