Monday, June 5, 2017

What Happened?

The photos I took this morning disappeared!  So here is what I found on my camera.
(By the way, it rained off and on all day long).

 After chores I decided to have some plain Greek yogurt mixed with our strawberries and Helen's
homemade granola.  It was the perfect breakfast.  I made Gary the same (we split a small container of yogurt) and will continue to do this as long as we have some kind of berries.
 At 11:30 the dogs and I jumped in the car, stopped at the bank and ended up at the groomers.

Phoebe does not like this anymore, but goes back to her sweet normal self after I leave.
 This is Little Wonder's 3rd time and he was excellent.
 Sherri always does such a great job with them.

 In between raindrops, Gary continued planting things in the garden.
Yesterday he put in the tomato and pepper plants and today...beans and marigolds.

 Leftovers for dinner.

Night all!


  1. It's not good when the human leaves us. Just give her a dirty look no matter how good the lady is with you
    Great post friend. It's pretty crazy out there in non-pug world
    Lily & Edward

  2. You better delete our last comment since Eye Phone has a mind of there own!!

    We did say that you need to give your human dirty looks when they drop you off st the fur stealers or with any buddy else!
    Lily & Edward

  3. It still looked like wonderful day. Gary, wet weather gear, Hugh has almost the same down here. Lots of veges , you are very industrious!!!

  4. The granola berry yogurt parfait looks delicious! Ginger has a great time at the groomers they love her there and she gets the run of the place. Nikita is just getting used to going.

  5. LOL! Love the planting shots! I put in tomatoes and peppers yesterday along with finally getting the west side of the house planted with flowers and finishing up the east side.
    Thanks for stopping by! Those shots were from the incredible hot night we had.

  6. Little Wonder is looking so pretty. I love the health breakfast you're enjoying now you have berries. Grant and I eat that every morning: with apples and bananas as the fruit. Lori, I've lost my two darling horses. If you have a chance, do pop over and check my post for today (Tuesday) Enjoy your rain!


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