Friday, June 9, 2017

Strawberry Shortcake

 Chore duty.
 The first clematis blossom appeared this morning with at least a hundred that should pop soon.

 After the stalls were cleaned and set up for tonight I picked strawberries 
and more chive blossoms.
 There is definitely more activity in the gardens.

 Strawberry shortcake....comin' up after dinner.
 Gary came home with two gigantic begonia hanging planters after making a delivery for Sara's.
One for the kitchen porch and one for the back porch.
 Our friend Jean was coming for dinner tonight (bringing her dog) so Phoebe and Little Wonder
rested up.
 I was very impressed with the way they received Ranger...The Lone Ranger.
 I promised Jean a pasta dinner when she got here from Missouri.
 Tonight was the night.

 After dinner, Gary babysat the pups and we went down to 
A Different Path Gallery for Kathy Weston's opening.
 A good crowd and the way she set up the gallery was outstanding.

 Home by 8:15 for dessert.
 Now we all need a nap.

Night all.


  1. 'berries and chives, perfect end to the day!!!

  2. Oh I want to come and eat your delicious looking food! What do you do with chive blossoms?

  3. Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite! Love the aerial shot of your farm. Beautiful place you have.


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