Monday, June 26, 2017

So Green.....

 I woke up before 4:30am and could not fall back to sleep, so when I saw color in the sky
I got out there with my camera.  It's been a long time since there was a beautiful sunrise.
 Chores as was nice and cool.

 My clematis fix for the day.

 After chores I took a quick trip down to the Animal Hospital to pick up some wormer for the cats,
and after that hit Country Max for some grain and shavings.  The sky was gorgeous.

 This afternoon was a half day of vacation.
Ann, Bobbie and I arrived at Hanny's around 12:30
for lunch....

 and bridge.
Of course we spent 50% of the time talking.  That's what we like about these monthly meetings.
Hanny was playing this hand and I did not have much to offer.
 I did not get home until 5:30 and the sky was getting darker and darker as I approached the farm.
 The light created some pretty spectacular color.

 Gary spent much of the afternoon working in the millionth garden.

 Too late to start a dinner from scratch so we elected to finish up the last of the pasta.
 As I am trying to keep my eyes open to do this post, my buddies are keeping me company.

 I can't wait to join them for a nap before I go to bed!

Night all.


  1. Beautiful dramatic sky pictures! Love the flowers too.

  2. Hi Lori, your buddies couldn't keep their eye open either! Lovely sunrise and the end of day skies were spectacular too. I always love visiting your world. Jo

  3. Dear Lori, that apricot sky reminded me so much of Minnesota where I lived 38 years. Thank you. Peace.


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