Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lots of Stuff Going On Today

First of all, the light was beautiful before 6:15 this morning.

 After chores I put the pups back in the house and went back out to mow the two grass paddocks.
(Wanted to get rid of the buttercups).

 After that I dragged the outdoor arena.
 It's not nearly as nice as it was when Gordon worked it up with the rototiller.

 At 9:30 Gary picked up Jenny and they drove to Rochester for the
the Landmark Society House & Garden Tour.  This is their Father's Day tradition.
Both of them were most impressed with this ceiling at the Lyric Theatre.

 In the meantime, I showered and got ready to go to the Brockport Airport for their
50th Anniversary Open House. 

  Mary and I were there to participate in the ribbon cutting (as Town Board members).
Rob, the Town Supervisor was also there.  I was surprised by all the people I knew!
 Jack Mazarella built the airport in 1967.  Here he is with his wife Chris.
Now, it is owned by another family....the Eisenhowers.

 After the ceremony we had a quick lunch and were able to schmooze for another hour.
There were several planes flying in and out.

 We had a great time and the weather could not have been more perfect.
 When Mary dropped me off at the house,
 Gary sent her home with a few dozen onion plants.
He has been giving them away for days.
 At 4 we went down to the Town Park to watch Coop's game.

 Home a little after 6....
 and heated up last night's leftovers for dinner.

 Did you ever use chives as a centerpiece?

 Around 7:30 Doug N. and his Mom came up to buy Gary's farm wagon.
We have not used it for a couple of years and it needed a new home.
It's perfect for them, as they sell a lot of things they grow at their farm....right now, hostas.  In the fall, hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins.  Doug is kind enough to take all of our horse manure for his gardens.  He also grows a lot of garlic.
 I still had to do evening chores.

 By then, the sun was starting to go down.

I'm out of gas.
Night all.


  1. 50 years, and I look at Jack and Chris, buttonhole and corsage, what a special occasion. And the indoor goings on as well. yes, I have used chives, but not as pretty as yours with Solomon's Seal as well. Hope that was what I thought it was!! Love that trailer wagon, and so good it has a new home and will be well used again.

  2. What a busy day for everyone. I bet you sleep like a log at night!

  3. We have chives growing in Ann's herb garden. We sometimes use the chive flowers in salads - very tasty, too.
    Regards, Mike and Ann.

  4. Does your airport host Young and Silver Eagle flight events?


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