Thursday, June 8, 2017


 Carrots for the girls....every time I do chores.  Spoiling them 
is fine with me.

 After chores I mowed the lawn and watched the Comey Chronicles.
Very interesting.....

 A contractor arrived at 4:30 to assess the damage to our barn roofs.
I'll will be very interested in his estimate.
Gary had two meetings this afternoon and I did a little work in the back hall off the kitchen.
The floor is a total wreck and we are removing the linoleum and redoing the walls.
The work (as Gary says) never ends.
Dinner was superb!  A giant salad.
Romaine, red peppers, tomatoes, leftover chicken, extra sharp cheddar cheese,
Greek olives, hard boiled egg and homemade croutons.
 I had a 7pm meeting in Brockport.  What a beautiful setting.
 There were deer walking around the back yard.

 Home at 9:30 and the moon was very bright.
Now for some down time.
Night all.

A friend just sent me these three shots he took last night as he was
flying over our farm.  Thanks Darrin!



  1. Super aerial shots. And the pond with a lovely green grassy area in front, beautiful setting.

  2. I'll take a carrot thank you very much
    Lily & Edward

    1. Lily and Edward! Little Wonder loves raw and cooked carrots. Phoebe only likes them cooked. Do you?

  3. We are waiting for an estimate on new windows in the house. Its always something. I love those arial shots -- where is Gary's garden? It must be hidden by trees?

    1. Gary has 100 feet of garlic to the left of the indoor, a huge garden to the west of the indoor and another big garden east of the Studio (right side of photo).

  4. Don't know why my comment didn't get posted. The aerial of the farm is superb!


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