Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Election Day in the Village of Brockport

What a long day.  Cool and comfortable.
 For some reason, Little Wonder wanted to take his bone out to the barn this morning.
Fortunately he dropped it on the ground before we got to the paddock.

He picked it up on the way back to the house.
 Class at 10:30.
 Full house today and plenty of bread, homemade vanilla, croutons and more delivered by Carina.

 Little Wonder and Shawna have quite the relationship.  He loves to smile at her.

 At 12:15 we drove out to Glendarach Farm to pick up Helen for a lunch date at Braddock Bay.

 She is going back to Scotland on Friday.
A perfect spot with great food.

 I did not photograph all the food....too busy talking.

 While we were there, the rain came down in buckets.
 The lake level is still dangerously high.
Back home a little around 3 after receiving a phone call that Gary's morning coffee pal
was hit by a car and was in the hospital.  He is ok, still there
 and at age 86 has one heck of a lot of spirit.  Bill is the Vice Mayor of Brockport and 
was on his way to vote in today's election when he was hit.  Trooper that he is....
managed to vote by proxy from the hospital!  He has some injuries, but we expect him to get back to his old self.
 At 5:30 I left for a tour
 of the Rec Center, before going to a Town Board workshop.
 At 9pm the polls closed for the Village election
 and the votes were counted.
 The current Mayor and two board members were relected.

 The woman below (Kristina G.) is a reporter for Suburban News and was there covering the election. I could not resist taking her picture.  She has taken mine many times and I appreciate the coverage she has given me over the past several years.
It was a great night for the
Village as these
have worked very hard for this community.
It has been a pleasure to work with them on various issues as an member
of the Town Board.
It's late!
Night all.

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