Monday, March 20, 2017


 Once again....a beautiful sunrise that disappeared within minutes.
 It was very grey all day, around 40 degrees and we may get rain tonight.

 I'm pretty much back in my groove in the barn...feeling good.

 This is Sidney's hideout in Gary's barn.  He takes turn between here, the hay loft in my barn
 and the house.  His communication skills are excellent as he lets us know when his preference is 
to be with his doggie buddies.

As you can see, the atmosphere is very relaxed around here.

Beans and hots for dinner with a side of coleslaw.
Night all.


  1. Relaxed as you should also be for some time yet, still cold slushy snow... and yummy food at the end of the day is so good.

  2. Relaxed is a good way to be. Hope we get some rain to help melt the snow.

  3. We had our first warm day - I was out in the garden, digging up a bed!!

  4. Nice to see that it warmed up. The grey days will give way to sunshine soon right?


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