Thursday, March 30, 2017

Red Sky This Morning, Raining Tonight

The color in the sky this morning only lasted for minutes.

 It ended up being grey and cold enough for the girls to wear their blankets.

 Late morning I took Little Wonder and Phoebe for a ride down to the village so we could go for a walk.  Then I ran a few errands and we were back at the farm for the duration.

 Gary worked at Sara's until 3 and was ready for a nap when he got home.
 It started to rain/snow so our dinner was perfect.
Some of the best chicken soup I've ever made.
 So glad we have plenty of wood to keep the fire going!
Night all.


  1. Pretty morning sky. Love the pups in the car.

  2. Oh yes - I saw that red sky! It is simply beautiful ❤️

  3. You guys had a nice little outing with mom
    Lily & Edward


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