Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Almost Spring????????

 Little Wonder was such a trooper to stick with us for two hours!
 Needless to say it was an inside day for one and all.

 As the afternoon went on, it kept snowing and at times the visibility was nil.

 Potty breaks were no picnic.
 By 5:45 it looked like this.

 Karen had chore duty.

 Poor Gary has been busting his butt for the entire week and needs a few more breaks like this.
He does all the heavy work in the barn (buckets and the wheelbarrow), splits wood, snowblows the driveway then goes back out and shovels every few hours.  He is sore and tired of watching all the problems we have to deal with from the wind storm.

 Dinner was an instant replay and tasted just as good as it did last night.
 Earlier, I had a very domestic spurt and made more jello with bananas (hospital food)
 and found a brownie mix.  Gary deserved a treat.
 Now it's time to get back to the fire.

Night all.
It's been a very long week.  I can't imagine how much snow we will have by morning if it keeps coming down over an inch an hour.  The entire state is considered to be in a snow emergency.


  1. We have so much snow that it is way over BESS' head!!!

  2. Not just a gentle snowfall, but huge winds too, so I read. Hope your power stays on, and Gary gets to rest. Bring in a grader with a front end bucket, that would clear some snow in a very short time and save all muscle aches and pains.

  3. I hope you guys stay safe. Our storm left us with a lot of snow, but the March sun came out and is melting it.

  4. It's beautiful when you are in looking out
    Lily & Edward


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