Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Meeting Of The Minds

Yesterday the temperature was 68 degrees.  Last night we had high winds up to 58 miles per hour and the temperature took a dive.  By this morning it was 23 and who knows the impact the wind had on that number.  The barn cooled down from the low 50s to 31 and the girls needed their blankets.
These big swings in temperature really concern me in the colic department.
 The dusting of snow disappeared when the sun came out, even tho is was freezing!

 At 12:30 I joined several others at the administration building (at the college) for a meeting regarding waterfront development.  If we can work together (College, Village and Town) and obtain a grant, so many great things could come to our community.

 Here are a few shots that were taken while we were leaving the campus.
 One of these days I will take you on a tour.

 When I got back to the farm I made a big pot of minestrone soup.
 That should last us for a few days!
 So how are the tulips doing?

Gary had a 5pm meeting and I held down the fort.

 No warm up is expected for a few days...hanging in the 20s.
 That means it is time to get in by the fire.
 I dined solo as Gary must went from his first meeting to the School Board's budget meeting, and will eat when he gets home.

 Mu buddies are keeping me company.
Night all.

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  1. The tulips are pretty, nice to have color. Love Phoebe in her coat and LW is adorable all the time. Just look at that mug. Going to be cold here this weekend in the 20's down to 6 at night. Very high winds here too today. That minestrone looks like a great way to warm up.


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