Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back In Business...

Another very bright morning.  No complaints here.

 More new hibiscus blossoms!  3 of them.

 Class at 10:30.  A good crowd today.

 Last week Tina brought me the two hibiscus plants and today she brought me the biggest 
fern in captivity.
Let's see if I can get this one through the winter.  It must be my sixth fern...they are all over the place shedding leaves and making a mess.  I have been collecting them for the past several years when my friends don't want to take them in when the weather changes.
At 1:30 I loaded Phoebe and Gucci in the car and ran many errands.

 First we went to Stutzman's Guitar store where I bought a new bag for my guitar.
Also got a tuner, capo and a strap.  Hopefully it well get me back on the road to playing.
We took Canal Road on the way back.

 Before long, the canal will be drained for the winter and it sure won't look this good.
 Hit Weggies for dog and cat food and Tractor Supply for three bags of horse feed.
By then the sun had started going down.
 Leftovers for dinner.

Night all.


  1. Oh my DAWG!! Those paintings are fantastic
    Lily & Edward

  2. Love horse muzzles best of all so I appreciated your pictured! The paintings are amazing. My Mom is big into her drawing right now and has made us all a picture for Christmas - I don't know what mine is but I can't wait to receive it!


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