Monday, November 16, 2015


What a gorgeous day.  57 degrees.

 After chores I went to Agape.
 Totally forgot I had a lunch date with a friend....Gary was trying to track me down and we finally connected.  Ended up meeting Alice and we had time to catch up.  After that I drove all the way over to Stutzman's Guitar store and it was closed.  I should have checked on their hours.
Passed these geese on the way home.  They have been taking up residence at this property for years.
Did not do much of anything when I got back to the farm...continued tracking down lyrics and chords for the guitar.  Managed to put together some sauce for dinner while Karen did evening chores.

 For some reason, this salad really hit the spot tonight.

 Night all.

Now the second hibiscus plant is starting to bloom.
This morning it was just starting to open....
 and this afternoon it looked like this!
Many more blossoms are on the way.


  1. Your sweet pups look so relaxed.

  2. The weather has been really gorgeous here too. Love your header photo and the other misty shots.

  3. Love the hibiscus! And the pasta looks sooo good. There are geese hanging out in front of the salon honking at all my clients!

  4. Very Nice article with amazing pictures.
    Love to read your blogs.
    Thanks for sharing these articles.

  5. Some of your sunrise pictures are truly stunning. Love seeing all the glimpses of your farm and life!


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