Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Friend Helen....

What a day....

 After chores I went to Agape and worked up a sweat.  Having been on vacation for so many months, it's taking some effort to build up my time on the elliptical.  I'm up to 12 minutes now and want to be able to double that.  Let's see how long that takes.
 On my way home I stopped at my friend Helen's to take some photos.
Before getting down to business, could not resist grabing some shots of her collections...mostly of
menorahs created by artists she knows. 

 The one below is by our good friend, Bill Stewart.  I have posted many photos from our collection in the past, and you may recognize his style.
 This is Bellini, the love of her life.

 My purpose today, was to take some shots of her prints that will be available at
the Candlelight Christmas Sale to be held at the Morgan Manning House in Brockport
December 4th and 5th.
Here is a brief bio of my very talented friend.

Helen Fabi Smagorinsky is a self -taught painter. Though not trained in the arts, she has achieved national recognition with her work in numerous books and used in Ken Burn's series "Baseball" on PBS television. Her work is in many private and public collections including the New York State Historical Association, The American Museum in Bath, England and The White House Collection at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC. Her paintings have been shown internationally in England, Switzerland and Japan. Subject matter may be contemporary or historical, often genre scenes of social commentary.

 I absolutely love her style and hope she sells out at the sale.
She has around 35 different giclee prints.

Karen did chores and Gary had a meeting.
 I boiled more eggs to be pickled.
 Many thanks to my friend's chickens.
 Leftover corn chowder
 and salad for dinner.
Night all.

Even tho it is mid November, Tina and Sandman were able to have a beautiful day of driving through the woods.  When the snow is deep enough, they will be doing this with a sleigh....classic!
 Is he not one gorgeous boy?


  1. Lori if I don't see the photos of that beautiful horse pulling a sleigh, I will never forgive you! How gorgeous!

  2. Sandman is one gorgeous boy! I'd love to see him pulling a sleigh.

    Your friend is a very talented artist. I wish her well at the sale. I'm sure she'll sell out.

  3. Beautiful horses, that is what dreams are, in a sleigh, snow, and sitting holding the reins. What a talented artist, I'm sure it will all go so well for Helen.


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