Sunday, November 15, 2015

More Music...

Another beautiful sunrise.

 Last night the hibiscus plant looked like this...
 and this morning a second blossom was waiting for me.

 Karen was here this morning, and after chores

 I dragged the outdoor arena
 and she rode Angel.
 Seeing that I did not go to Agape on Friday,
 I made up for it by
 going on
 a 40 minute trike ride.
 Did not like riding into the strong all.
 The concert by the Rochester Ukulele Orchestra got me so revvvved last night I decided to get back into playing my guitar....which has been hibernating for decades.
Every Sunday from 1-3,  people meet at A Different Path Gallery to jam.
I took the plunge.  Have forgotten everything and my fingers are so soft it is pathetic.
 They don't use any music, so I was really going into this cold turkey and did not have an easy time of it.
 There were many opportunities for singing....that I could do.
So, when I finish posting this to my Journal, I am going to start developing a song book via google.
 My guitar is a Guild Mark III and I bought it at the Syracuse University Bookstore back in 1966.
Tomorrow I am going to a music store to buy a new case for it along with a tuner and capo.  I'm also going to check out some ukuleles.  Out of control!!!  It felt so good to sing.
On my way home I stopped at Wegmans for a few items and by then the sun started going down.

 It was almost totally dark when I did evening chores.
 Got the girls tucked in....
 and had leftover corn chowder for dinner.
Night all.


  1. Lovely tunes that always are so good to listen to, words you can understand, and great sing-a-longs. Get that Ukulele, I can see lots of music coming soon.

  2. How fabulous you've kept that guitar all these years! Good for you trying something new like this. I have ZERO musical talent. Absolutely none. My sister got it all. But I appreciate other people's talent and interest.

  3. You're probably not as rusty as you think. Playing again should be a lot of fun. I had a guitar once but never mastered it. My son is an outstanding musician though. I don't think there's anything he can't play. It's such a great talent to be able to play n instrument well. Have fun.


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