Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 Chilly with just a dusting of snow.

 New blossoms this morning.
 Two red ones....

 Class at 10:30.
Donna finished her drawing of a boxer!  She is so cookin'.
 Tina decided to crop her lotus blossom....

 After lunch I ran errands...one big loop.
 The sun was attempting to make an appearance but I was not impressed.
 Gary spent the late afternoon with Coop, while Finn had basketball practice.
I made dinner...chicken wings, yams and coleslaw.  So good.
 When I left to go to a Town Board meeting, the moon was really showing off.

Now it's time to catch a break.
Night all.


  1. You know we love the Bulldogs! We saw the same moon this morning
    Lily & Edward

  2. Love the blooms! Beautiful!

    The sky with the moon looks so dramatic.

  3. Wow what a busy day, love the moon, we won't see it yet again tonight. Looks like we are oversaturated with rain.


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