Wednesday, November 11, 2015


 The pastures are starting to fade, but the girls still have plenty to pick on.

 They all had an apple or two when I finished cleaning the stalls.
I am really going to make an effort to go to Agape 3 days a week.  Today I tacked 3 more minutes on the elliptical and hope to add 3 more on Friday.  I've been a bum for too long.
Afterward I dropped some Brussels sprouts off at Jenny's....
 along with a quart of squash soup.
 Had to have pictures taken for a height check with Coop and Finn....looking very lovely after working out.
 Both boys take great pride in photo bombing.
 Finn is so much taller than me now...and Coop is catching up.
 Next stop was Wegmans.
Beautiful tulips for sale

 next to a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!
This drives me nuts.  Talk about commercialism and pushing the season.  Revolting.
 Decided to make more pickled beets this afternoon.
Still have more to do.
 Could not resist attacking another stalk of brussels sprouts for our dinner.
 They are so good when you roast them.
 Also made a quick batch of applesauce
 to go with our pork/carrots/caramelized onions.
We were really able to take advantage of our home grown produce tonight.
Onions, carrots, apples, cabbage and brussels sprouts.
All organic.
Off duty now.
Night all.


  1. I really miss my regular exercise which I had in Tanzania! Here it's hit-and-miss most days. Loved seeing Brussels Sprouts in the flesh. It's not a vegetable that many South Africans eat - but your roasted version looks yummy! Your grandsons are most handsome lads. Have a great day ! Jo

  2. Congratulations on getting out and just "doing it" with your exercising. I started a few weeks back but got side tracked, yet again. I've got to get more disciplined!

    The boys are so handsome. They grow up so fast don't they.

  3. I am soooo hungry after looking at your pics. Luv all that home-grown produce especially!


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