Friday, November 13, 2015

Dinner at Six

The wind roared all of last night and today.

 I was sure it was Saturday before I went out to the barn....dazed and confused!

 After chores I had grand intentions of going to Agape and instead, spent time on my computer going over the election stats.  There was an article in the paper today and all the numbers were wrong.  Got that straightened out and by then did not have they energy to go anywhere.

Eventually I managed to go down to Tractor Supply to buy the cats new beds for the basement.  They love to sack out under the hot water pipes when the snow flies.  Their old beds went straight into the dumpster.
 Even tho the sun was out off and on, it was still blowing like crazy and there was a major chill in the air.
 Tonight we had dinner with Brenda, Al, Ann and Ron.
 I brought a salad with pears, apples, craisins, mixed greens, crumbly blue and walnuts that I toasted and caramelized in maple syrup.
 When it was time to eat, Tootsie Louise got under the dinner table.

 Another amazing feast.
 Brenda slow cooked pork chops, which she covered in a very smooth gravy.
 She also made carrots with pineapple
 and scalloped potatoes.

 A perfect blend.
 Ann made baked, stuffed apples for dessert.
 When the six of us are together, we are never short on conversation or
great food.
 By 10pm, Tootsie was tired and so were we.
Night all.

I asked Brenda about the painting she had done of Berlin (it was my header shot last week), wanted to buy it.  She gave it to me!  I have several of her pieces now and can't thank her enough.
Even the frame is gorgeous.
Below is one of Brenda's latest paintings.  It's from a photograph she took back in August when we went to Walnut Hill for the driving competition.  I can't say enough about the quality of her work!


  1. I've loved all the wind! So dramatic. And such beautiful skies. Dinner with your friends always looks wonderful. Congratulations on your new pairing! It's a beauty! Any idea where you'll hang it?

  2. Mmmm, comfort food . . . (Finally I've been able to restore your blog to my daily sites -- it was lost there for a while . . . )

  3. Oh - the food on your blog always looks so good. The paintings are both beautiful! And such sentimental value too.


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