Monday, November 9, 2015

Another Panel Discussion

We had a very hard frost last night.

 It was so bright and beautiful I decided to drag the indoor and the outdoor arenas after I finished chores.

 Then....ta daaaa!  I finally got my butt down to Agape.  Not a very long workout since I have not been there for months.  It is going to take a long time to get my stamina back on the elliptical, but it is still my favorite piece of equipment,
 This afternoon I made another batch of butternut squash/apple/onion soup....which we had for dinner.

At 7pm Gary and I arrived at the college to participate in a panel discussion.  There were 8 of us altogether and the name of the course is Physical Activity in Adulthood.  It is taught by Dr. Pamela Haibach, and this is the third time we have been invited to her class.  (All of the students were Juniors and Seniors).  There are 1200 majors in the Phys. Ed. program and this is the only class offered and that deals with our segment of the population.
 First we introduced ourselves and  gave a mini bios.  Our ages ranged from 56-86 and we had a variety of careers. 
Below is a photo of Chet Fery.  He is known as the "Bread Man" in this area.
Many years ago he started baking bread and giving it away as an act of kindness.
Over 60,000 loaves so far.
Tonight he brought each student and panel member a sample...loves to pay it forward.
He has a blog called "Bread Time Stories."
The students asked us a series of questions....for example...
"If you are retired, how has that affected your physical activity level, social life
nutrition and overall quality of life?"
"Do you feel technology has helped or hindered you?  Has your health improved because of the advancement of technology throughout the years?"
"What advice do you have for us (the class) to live long healthy lives?"
 Then we broke up and sat down with the students for more give and take.
(The woman next to me is the Professor) 
This is always an outstanding experience and I have no trouble getting people to make up the panel.
 The dated photos were taken by my friend Topper...one of the panelists.  How many pictures have I posted of him taking pictures of me?
 We left at 9:30. very happy with the experience.

 I would call this community service, and everyone on the panel has had a lot
of experience in this area.  So nice to spend time with these college students.
How do you participate in your community?
Night all.

Tomorrow we should find out if my running mate has won her seat on the Town Board.
So hard when it's close and you have absentee ballots that need to be counted.

It's all about Mary!


  1. Crossing my fingers for Mary! I need to find a new way to volunteer. I wasn't happy with my last one and haven't looked hard enough for another. We have a wildlife hospital that is staffed by volunteers (for the office part) and I've considered volunteering there. Just don't know that I could handle it. Barbie had a broken nail a few weeks ago and you'd have thought my world was ending. Those are really interesting questions about technology.

  2. Looks like a productive day
    Lily & Edward

  3. Looks like you enjoy your day.
    very nice article with pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such a good idea for a panel . . . xx


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