Friday, November 6, 2015

Almost Back To Normal

No more excuses.  It's time to start going to Agape for some Aerobic exercise.
Remind me of this!  I'm starting on Monday....no matter what!

Chores this morning.  Grey again.

 Had to go to the bank and Wegmans as we needed a few more things 
to put into our jam packed frig.
 My friend Sally gave me a point and shoot camera that she was not using...another Canon.
Tested it out on the photos below and discovered this first one that she must have taken some time ago.
 Ironically, the sun seems to make an entrance by sunset...even when it does not appear all day.

 Decided to make mac salad and Reubens for dinner.
We need to get back in a groove around here!
I threw in all kinds of things...even a pickled egg.

 Using a pannini maker produces an excellent sandwich.

 Got a last minute call to sub in a duplicate bridge group tonight.
Felt good to being doing something that did not involve going door to door.
Night all.

No more news regarding the latest absentee ballots.
We are still hoping for the best as Mary needs to be on the Town Board with me!


  1. Glad things are normalizing and you're having a little fun!! It's about time. We had a spectacular sunset last night too. I'm cleaning out my fridges today. Have to start making space! How do they get so full?!

  2. Congratulation on winning your seat! I commend your efforts and I know you will be good for your town.


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