Sunday, August 30, 2015


(Is anyone else having problems loading photos tonight?
When I try, everything freezes.
Maybe I will see what happens if I go for a video.
Nope, that does not work either!

Well, I heard from Kim at Golden Pines and she had problems earlier but ended up being able to load her photos.  I tried for over an hour and when I switched from Firefox to Safari it worked....except for uploading a video.  Hope this clears up.

Meanwhile back at the ranch....no photos of the girls, just one of Karen, who is kind enough to dump my manure cart every morning after I clean the stalls.
 Spent some time at the Farm Market this morning...did a little schmoozing.
Bought some corn on the cob and a huge cantaloupe.
I can get everything else we need from our own gardens.

 When I got back to the farm, decided to make some potato salad for dinner.
All vegetarian considering what we ate at the BBQ last night.

 Gary picked a basket of tomatoes and will be making sauce tomorrow.  We are never going to make 75 bags for the freezer.  Should have planted a few more.
He also continued making some big changes in the Pergola garden.  It's really
shaping up.  I love the stone wall and want it to show.  Our house was built in 1823 and back in the day there were cows in the barns and this space was used for horses.  All those "stones" are chunks of cement that Gary broke up by hand...they used to be the floor of the outbuilding.
 Got the girls tucked in

 and was back in the house before dark.
Earlier I thought it was going to rain, but it didn't.
The second cutting grass Karen and I want to buy is on the ground
and should be baled tomorrow.  Hope it really happens.
Night all.


  1. I had problems earlier, but for whatever reason, I came back to it later, and was able to download them onto my post. Hope it's as easily solved for you as it seemed to be for me.

  2. That might have been why I finally switched to Chrome a couple years ago. Glad you got it basically back working. We'd be lost!


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