Sunday, August 9, 2015

Walnut Hill

This was the last day of the Walnut Hill International Driving Competition.
Here are some of my favorite shots.

 I was given free Patron tickets and invited 3 friends to join me.  Thank you Peggy.
Tina, Brenda, Shamra and I arrived at Mendon Ponds Park around 9:15 to take photos of the Pleasure Drive and the morning air was perfect.  Many of the competitors choose to do this, and today there must have been over a thousand people lining the road...eating breakfast, oooing and ahhhhing at the beautiful turnouts.
You know they are getting near when you here that clip clop sound.

 I grabbed shots of every single vehicle and could not possibly post all of them.

 The coaches were so impressive.

When that part was over, we drove back to Walnut Hill.

 Classes did not start until noon, so we visited the boutiques first.

There were not quite so many dogs as in the past, but we still found some cuties.

By then it was lunch time and we headed over to the Patron's Tent.

The Opening Ceremonies started at noon,
and the classes followed.

 A six horse hitch was there from Morrisville (a college with all kinds of equine programs) and I was totally impressed with their demonstration.

 We stayed long enough to watch the Coach Class.  This year there were 5 entrants.
 You can't imagine the investment these people make in order to do this.
Most of the coaches are well over 100 years old and between making sure they are fully restored, buying horses, harnesses and the rest of the necessities the cost is astronomical.
Not only that, it takes a staff and many long hours not only to train and condition, but to get everything cleaned and polished before tacking up and getting hitched.
Turnout is very important.  And look at the outfits they are wearing!  
All five were spectacular and world class.

 After being put through their paces, the judge then checks out the back compartments to make sure they have extra halters, lead shanks, a spares kit etc.
Usually there is a table of some sort that they can set up for drinks plus.

 This was a vacation day for me.
Night all.


  1. sounds like a great time - i enjoyed seeing the photos.

  2. What a beautiful event! The horses are gorgeous and I love those coaches. What a great time it must have been!

  3. Some stunning photos of gorgeous horses and carriages. The coaching class is just - wow. It must have been even more spectacular in person!

  4. Vacation day? Whew! I' exhausted just viewing the horses. Driving horses in August reminds me of the intense fair season on our doorstep here.

  5. I'd so love to come to this event! Looks beautiful!


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