Saturday, August 29, 2015

Visitors and the Fink Festivities

The heat was back on today and it's almost that time when the sky looks spectacular every morning.

 Chores as usual.
 Gary took Finn and Coop on another outing.  This time (after going out to breakfast) they went to the 100th Anniversary ForestFest in East Bethany, New York.  There were all kinds of planned activities and presentations.  All three of them made bird calls and wooden necklaces.  There were Timbersport Demonstrations, a live Bird of Prey Demonstration, Guided Forestry Hikes etc..
 They got back to the farm around 2.  Cooper headed straight for the carrots.
 We were joined by Scott's sister Paula...her husband (also) Scott and their three children.
They wanted to visit the horses.
 Berlin and Abbe were each given about a 30 minute (massage) grooming and they loved it.

Both girls were perfectly behaved and enjoyed all the attention.
A good experience for the kids.
 Jenny brought up a rustic peach tart that she made.
 The 6 adults loved it...and the kids ate fudgecicles.

 After they left, I took a short nap before doing evening chores.
 Tonight we were invited to the annual Andrew Fink BBQ.  He flies in from NYC at this time every August and has all his buds over for some fine food from the Dinosaur BBQ.  It's like a reunion and somehow we (oldies) have been included.  I am very flattered.
 Mel and Helen are always there and Andrew's parents play a big part in the hosting.

 The food is always superb.

 Before I retired, many of these people were my students.  Hard to believe.

 When it got dark, we were surrounded by candlelight and

 many gathered around two fire pits.
 Photo ala fire light.

 Finally the flash worked.

 I'm sure the party will be going on for many more hours.
We and the Smags left at 9:30.
Another great time Andrew.  Thank you Alicia and Herb.
Can't wait to see the group photo.
Night all.


  1. It's so nice to see the kids enjoying brushing the horses - and it's very obvious the horses Loved the attention :-)

  2. What a 'delicious' way to end the month of August: great food and friends.

  3. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all - and not least the horses! I just can't believe another summer is coming to a close already :(


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