Saturday, August 22, 2015

Two In A Row

This is my kind of weather.  Low humidity and low 70s.

 After chores, Gary spent a lot of time in the pergola garden.  He finally figured out that we don't have to have flowers around all the trees!  Yay!  So much to take care of.
 He also made a better place for one of the Stewart sculptures. 
 While he did that, I mowed the big pasture.

 Angel was feelin' her Cherrios all day long.
 Grabbed a quick video while I was mowing (pardon the sound).

Were your skies like this today?  So blue.

 Gary still has more to do, but this is looking so much better. 
 I took a nap and had no idea all this was done.
 Chores at 7:30.

 Got the girls tucked in and I am ready for a shower.
Night all.

For your viewing pleasure....
Here are a few of my favorite shots taken by our Campaign Photographer, Glenn Emmerson.
I'm quite certain these will not be a top priority in ads, as we were really having a good time doing these extras.  Can't believe I will be 72 next week.

I think this is my favorite.
 No, maybe this one.
 Not my favorite, but Berlin looks good.
 Love my girls.
 Could not resist getting on Glenn's Harley.


  1. Nobody can believe you are going to be 72 next week!

  2. We wish you many happy returns of ' next week', Lory. We are a year or three older. There's nothing wrong with the 'three score years and ten' and you don't look as if you're slowing down much. Nor are we - no-one wants to die of boredom!

    Warm regards to you both, Mike and Ann.


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