Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Skoog Farm Workshop Goes To Sara's

This morning my class met at Sara's Garden & Nursery with their art supplies.

 Kathy and Steve were kind enough to set up a canopy for us, as it was already hot at 10 o'clock.
 There are acres and acres of incredible gardens
 in addition to all the plants for sale and huge greenhouses.

 Tina brought along her tripod and camera
 taking photographs
 of these stunning lotus blossoms.
 They were taller than me.

Many weddings have been held here.

 Len found a nice shady spot and was sketching a statue.

 Many local students go here before their proms for photo shoots.
 I can see why.

 I could not help myself....had to go back for more shots of the Lotus blossoms.

 At 11:30 we left and went to an air conditioned restaurant to cool off and have lunch.
We are going to do this again in the fall.
I wonder what kind of eye candy will be there.
This is one beautiful sanctuary.

Night all.


  1. .Amazing array of shrubs and colourful flowers, superb venue for so many occasions.

  2. What a stunning place to meet for the workshop. I love the lotus blooms - the whole place looks so tranquil and inviting. Thanks for sharing. Jo

  3. Lori I just love your blog and those magnificent photos. This place looks like so much fun. Sandy and I were just talking last night about how much fun it would be to live at your house and play in your studio. Enjoy friend :)

  4. What a great idea! And so relaxing
    Lily & Edward


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