Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Farm, Summer Serenades and the Manatee

Today I am starting off with Gary's chair project.
It is moving right along.

 They are all primed and ready to go.

What color shall we paint them?
Now for the rest of the day.
 Perfect temperature for me.

 I'll take the low 70s any day.
 This morning it looked like the cucumbers had doubled in size and so far no more were eaten.

 Jay stopped over for some manure for his gardens and he went home with some blackeyed susans and hollyhock seeds.
 I proceeded to mow everything but the pastures.
 A three hour job...and Gary put in another hour on the hand mowing.
The corn next to the pasture is approaching six feet.

 I get a good view of the girls when I'm mowing around the fence line.

 Among other things.

 Thursday night....Summer Serenades.
Today Sandy and Jeff arrived on the Manatee and they were parked right near the Welcome Center.  So good to see them.
 Hatch knew who I was as soon as he heard me.  Sweet boy.
 What a night!
The band was Mike and the Motivators.
 The audience was rockin' but only a few of us had the nerve to dance.

Remember this couple?  They can dance to any kind of music.

 Of course Topper and I had to trade photos.

 This is Carol and Topper's daughter Kristin.  She and her family are visiting from California.
We stood next to each other and could not stop moving.

We were not having too much fun!

 Our schmoozing team is growing.
Just wait until Saturday!!!!

After the performance we boarded the Manatee for a superb dinner.
People at the concert were loving the smells coming from the galley.
 Sandy outdid herself.
Roasted veggie/cheese and salami shish ke bobs...
 Chicken and broccoli in a creamy gravy topped with grated cheese....
 yellow rice...

 And an oooooieeee gooooieee dessert.
Brownies, cream, almonds and a caramel drizzle.
 We did not leave until 10:30.
Enjoyed catching up.  These are two very special people and I am so glad we have crossed paths.
Night all.

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