Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunset and Moonshine

Here we go again.  I can't upload any photos!  So frustrating.
Ooooopps!  I'm back.

Hurried through morning chores as

 I had an appointment in Sagawa Park at 9am.
The Art & Aesthetics Committee was meeting with Rick Muto, who has been contracted to paint a mural 7'x35'.  The head of the DPW, Chair of the Parks Committee and Mayor were there to help us figure out the logistics of installing it next spring.  It's going to be quite something.
 After that we went over to the Village Hall to look at the drawings.
This is a huge undertaking and will show the history of our village.

 Got home in time for lunch, took a nap and then
worked on dinner.  I've been very hungry for Spanish Rice so I grabbed some onions, peppers, carrots and tomatoes from the garden and got to work.

 At the very end I added a little grated cheese.
 Served it with a salad and we were good to go.
 Had to do chores early as I had a meeting tonight.

 About that time, the sun started blasting away at the barn.

 Such a glow.
 Tucked the girls in and kept taking pictures on my way over to Pat's house.

 A wild look to the west....
and an hour and a half later, the moon was calling.
Night all.


  1. Great post, the photos look amazing and dinner looks delicious! hope you have a great day :)

  2. Oh Spanish rice sounds so good! Do you purée your veggies after they've cooked or leave them in chunks? I had a lot of trouble getting blogger to work too. Figures I would post after months the day it's being all buggy!

  3. No horsing around. I like your equine images today. Lots of light and shadows falling.

  4. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing your horses with me.

  5. Something I see posted frequently is clearing your caches. Check to see if your computer is full and if there are a bunch of temp files that can be dumped to clear some working space.

  6. The murals will be great. Our small town has a few murals in it, I do love their uniqueness.


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