Thursday, August 13, 2015

Smooth Groove

About 52 degrees this morning.  Loved it.
 When Gary got back from Java we attacked the gardens to remove all kinds of stuff.  Mostly tree starts that we never planted but came up everywhere.
Must have had 6 or 7 wheelbarrows this full.
 Decided to pick the green cabbage today....Karen is going to store it for us.  
I kid you not, each head weighed a minimum of 10 pounds.  We moved it in a wheel barrow.
 Jay stopped by and helped us lug it to the kitchen.
 He went home with some beets, beans and a cabbage.
 Can you believe these honkin' things?  They look like flying saucers.
 This one took up one whole side of the sink!

 Once the brush was unloaded, we mowed the lawn.

 Sophie was very comfy on the back porch.  This is her chair.
 Tonight Smooth Groove was playing at the Welcome Center.

 This is the third band Mark plays in (sax).

Karen stopped by with Ben, then went up to the farm to feed the girls.
Thank you very much!

Mary and I were there in our t-shirts.

 Linda had hers on too.  The more the merrier.

It was a beautiful evening for Summer Serenades.
Night all.


  1. Looks like a great time. Also looks like a lot of produce to put up!

  2. I like your articles on farming. Keep posting.


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