Tuesday, August 4, 2015


 While I was finishing up chores, Gary went to Java and stopped at Wegmans for some freezer bags.  As soon as he got home he started working on the green beans he picked yesterday.
 Drained, Dried and Bagged.
 I helped until it was time for class.
 The feeling in the Studio was great with the improvements.

Later this month, I am going to start a couple of group projects.  All were asked to take photos of ordinary things in their homes.  Something simple.
Donna chose eggs.
 We are also going to work on painting or drawing glass objects.
 On the 18th, weather permitting, class will be held over at Sara's Garden/Nursery.
That should be fun as there is an endless supply of subject matter.

 This was Ariana's last full day here.  Kevin and Chris took all three kids out for a farewell lunch, and tonight we had another going away meal.
 Gary picked them up at Jen's around 5 and when they got to the farm they were into reading!

 Jen arrived around 5:45
 and dinner was ready.
 A bon voyage toast to Ariana.
 Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and salad.
 Banana cream pie for dessert.
 Before going out to do chores we played the electronic version of the word game "Taboo."
It keeps you on your toes!

 This was my favorite shot of the day.  Love the motion.

 Group hugs were in order when it was time to leave.
 These kids are really going to miss each other.
 So are these two!
Ariana did a great job for the whole family.
 Bye Coop!  Bye Finn! Bye Jenny!  
Love you.
Not easy.
We will be driving to the airport at 4am!  Let's hope our alarms work!!!!
Night all!


  1. We did one airport trip today, but not as hard as yours will be, , as daughter's s-in-law came part way to collect her and do the hardest city driving, such a saving for me as Hugh is not allowed to drive for another week. When we freeze beans, the Men's Heineken Open is in NZ, and then if they are a little later, the Australian Open. Maybe that is motivation to sit, cut, slice, and blanch. I have a bean slicer that was my Mum,s Green, with a little handle and 2 slots, one for larger, other for the tiny beans. I think of her each summer, when it is clamped to the bench and turned for what seems like hours and hours.


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