Friday, August 21, 2015

I've Got Sunshine....On A Cloudy Day

Crispy!  Yay!!!!!

 After chores I decided that it was a perfect day to mow pastures.
 Did your sky look like this?

 Below is the back pasture.  Do you see those dark green areas?
How in the heck did they get there?  Never noticed them until a few weeks ago.
Very mysterious.  An eight and then a couple of big arcs.
 They show up better after being mown.
 The Florida Babes were scouting the apples.
 I love the way it looks when I'm finished.
 The only part left is the big pasture, which I will finish tomorrow.
 This was Gary's first day to make sauce, and the kitchen smelled divine!
 We are on a tomato kick....sandwiches for lunch with swiss cheese and cucumbers.
Seeing that a zucchini was more than ready, I decided to make zuke parm for dinner.
 Sauteed some baby bella mushrooms to put on a big salad.
 Even put one of our carrots in it.

 Delish...with a side of pickled beets and the zucchini.
We were veggied.
 Chores at 7:30.

 This was a great day for the girls.  They hardly came in from the pasture.

What a day.  Never left the property.
Night all.


  1. That meal looks delicious and I love the skies!

  2. those dark areas, is there a different type of grass, or are the " Zombies" having some fun? Lovely skies, looks like glorious weather for you right now.

  3. Those are fairy rings. Something to do with a fungus, so not really as exotic as they sound ;-).

  4. Hello Lori. Those are 'Fairy Rings' in your grass. Well that's the folk name for them. They're caused by the spores of certain Fungi which fall in a circle and colour the grass. The circles usually get steadily larger every year, eventually fading and losing their shape. I don't think they do any harm.
    Warm Regards, Mike and Ann.


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