Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Food Truck Rodeo

 The grass is growing like crazy, so after chores I mowed the lawn.
 I use the lawn tractor, Gary does the hand mowing.
 He picked raspberries for me yesterday and I made jam today. 
Can't wait to taste it.
 At 4:15 Carol and Topper arrived and we drove into Rochester for the Food Truck Rodeo.  
This was their debut.
There were about 25 food trucks with bands playing one right after the other.
 We ran into our neighbors....Ed and Annette.
 First we toured all the options and then got several different things.  Forgot to take pictures of the other stuff.  A Pittsburgh steak sammie and some mac & cheese.  Quite a tasting.

 We got there early so we could get a parking place nearby and within a short time a couple thousand people were on the property.  It's held the last Wednesday of each month and is a free event.  Every time we have been there, the crowd has been huge.

 The second band was "Significant Other."

 They were great!  The fiddler plays with the 
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and really seems to enjoy this departure.
Who should appear, but my drumming pal, Stan H.  He is the photographer for this band.
Look forward to drumming with him on Friday (convocation at the college).

 Headed home at 7.
The sun was setting through our dirty windshield.
 Loaded up the Botts with some veggies....

 and went out to do chores.

 Almost dark when I tucked the girls in.  Cold soaked Abbe's leg...it's not too bad,
but she is a little gimpy.
 It's been a long day.
Night all.


  1. Down here we say " The nights are drawing in" as winter gets near, and I can see you have just that. What a great place to be, crowds, food and music.

  2. You my dear lead an amazingly charmed life. You always seem to find fun things to do and see.


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