Thursday, August 20, 2015

Eight Days A Week

Did we have a great time at Summer Serenades tonight.
Because of rain, the venue was changed to Java Junction. 
The name of the group - Eight Days A Week.  
And you guessed it.  All the songs were made famous by the Beatles.

 When I got there, the place was already packed.
 Mary showed up...

 we played tambourines with the band for one of their songs.
The crowd was really into the music and most of them knew the lyrics...and sang.

 Who had a birthday in 2015?

Before they went home...there was a little photo shoot for the band crossing the street.
For what reason?  Anybody know?
 Think Beatles.
I'm going to like this band on facebook so I can see where they are playing next.

Night all


  1. Abbey Road, re-invented. What great music, my kind of a wonderful time out.

  2. That Nancy J is one quick study. Abbey Road!!!!

  3. I like that nostalgic photo of the band crossing the street!


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