Monday, August 10, 2015


 By the time I get out to the barn (7:30), Karen has already grained the horses.
After that, we give the girls a quick grooming, put on their masks, clean the stalls, put fresh hay under the shed roof, add water to the water troughs, set up the hay and water for the evening, sweep the aisles and feed room....finally, Karen dumps the wheelbarrows after she has picked the indoor.

I made a quick run to Wegmans and stopped at Northside to have them check out a problem underneath my car.  There was a vibration in the back on the right side and I figured my tailpipe was loose.  It was 11:49.  They put it up on a lift and found that a metal brace thingy had come loose, which in turn put everything out of wack and it could have caused my catalytic converter to fall off.  ($1,000 to replace it!)  One of the mechanics fabricated a new piece which was welded to the whichamacallit to hold everything in place  Whew!  It cost me $48.06 and I was on my way by 12:10!!!!!!  How's that for service?

After lunch I decided to make a quart of homemade fresh "pickles."  Sliced up two cucumbers, one onion, threw in some fresh dill and dumped in a water/cider vinegar/ sugar combo that I had heated up on the stove.
 Never got around to read my book.

What about evening chores?
Usually I start off by grabbing the wheel barrow and taking pictures....
but it was raining so I did not bother.
First, I took off all the masks.
After I picked the run-in I grabbed the feed buckets that already had grain in them
and added the soaked beet pulp pellets.
 Rinsed it out and prepared a batch for the morning feed.
 Seymour was supervising.
 Stirred it up...
 added a little carrot and apple...
 then dinner was served.
Abbe got soaked and rolled in the indoor.  Lovely.

 Swept the aisle in front of Maggie and Angel
 put up the stall guards and pulled the door over a couple feet.
 Grabbed the feed buckets
 and wiped them out with a towel.
 Measured out the grain for tomorrow morning and put it back in the grain bin.
 Put out food for the cats...

 swept the rest of the aisle and feed room....
 Closed the doors on the other run-in so the rain would not make a mess
 and locked the gate on my way out.
 Does any of this sound familiar?
Night all.


  1. Is sounds like a lot of work, but enjoyable, specially with the feline supervisor at the ready.

  2. Phew, Lori, what a bunch of chores you get through in one short day! (or is that "night"?) I just loved seeing Seymour supervising!


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