Friday, August 7, 2015

All Over the Place

 Skoog Farm-Chores.

 11am - Picked up Sandy and Jeff - drove to Shumway Marine looking for a part for the Manatee.
 Near the Rochester Yacht Club.
 More boats than I could count.

 Out of luck - no part found.
 Next stop....Pelican's Nest for lunch.

 What the heck....parked the van and walked over to Charlotte Beach.
 So clean.  Nice blue water.

 Home by 3, just as Dr. Mathis arrived to work on Angel.
He is a Vet and does chiropractic work along with accupunture.
Quite a combo.
 She was great.  He was great.
 Started working on dinner, then went out for evening chores.
Angel was looking pretty comfortable.

 Tucked the girls in....

 Gary picked up Sandy, Jeff and Hatch so they could join us for dinner.

 Hatch, Gucci and Phoebe got along very well.

 Vegetarian Lasagna...
 a side of meatballs...
 Salad and crusty bread.
We gabbed until after 10, and now I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Night all.

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  1. Hatch says ditto, a long day. Beauty yummy dinner.


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