Saturday, August 1, 2015


No humidity and in the 70s.  What an improvement.

 I had a 12:30 appointment with the massage therapist and it was just what the doctor ordered.
Deep muscle and hot stones.
 Gary finished hanging the mini blinds in the studio and installed the air conditioner.
That should make quite a difference.
 Late afternoon I went out there to clean...Phoebe and Gucci were with me.
It started to rain and Sidney, who followed us over, just would not come inside.
 Instead, he hid in the tall grass.
 We removed a couple chairs that no one sits in and I changed the room around.

 Tomorrow I will put a big plant on that stool near the back window.

 I think my students are going to appreciate the improvements.
 We are trying something different this year.  Put the farm wagon across one of the driveways, leaving plenty of room for people to pull off the road to buy garlic and flowers.  Gary has collected a gazillion jars and will start putting the posies out in the next week or so.
Today two people stopped for rhubarb and he sold some garlic.
It should be a better location and more accessible.

 Just before I went out to tuck the girls in, the sun was shining on a lamp in the library.  It has a big transparent white ribbon on it and I could not resist doing a little white on white.

 Kind of smooth.

There must have been something out back, as the girls were running around and looking to the East.
 I finally got a short video when they decided dinner was a better option.

 We are getting into the time of year when the sunrises and sunsets are more dramatic.

 Look at the crisp, white picket fence.
Gary has made it look so much better.
That's it for now.
Night all.


  1. I've no doubt your students will appreciate the improvements! And I agree with the girls, and am hard pressed to think that there's a better option than dinner. :-)

  2. I am sure your students will love the improvements!


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