Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Serenades Part II

Eventually the sun came out!

 The deer are still going after our beans and beets, so I enclosed the North garden with wire.
They must not like cabbage.
 Gary picked strawberries....
 and started pulling garlic.  It looks great.

 He has a good grip on the south garden.

 Pretty soon he will start to thin out the carrots.
 The Italian parsley and asparagus are doing well.
 I picked berries.  They are voluntarily growing in three different parts of our yard.
  My friend Jean (from Missouri) is in the area visiting her Mom so we decided to get together for the Summer Serenades concert tonight.  First we had a bite to eat...thank you Karen for doing chores.
 We were entertained by Zak's Pak.  What a great band!!!!!

 Mary, my running mate, and her husband Adam were there.
 And so were a lot of other people.
  Dianne and Doug H. brought along Gracie, their 6 month old soon to be therapy dog.
 It was her first outing in a crowd.  Such a sweetheart!
 There we are, the dynamic duo, schmoozing in our campaign shirts.

 Below is my friend Jean.  She really enjoyed the band.  Back home....she plays the fiddle!

 After her meeting, Annie (my other running mate - Town Supervisor candidate) was able to catch part of the concert.  I had just introduced her to long time friend Sara.
 Of course Judy was there.
 This couple attended last week's concert and I love to watch them dance...so smooth.

Gary thanked the band and audience
 and we called it a night.
I am determined to get that band up to our barn.  You can dance to everything they play!
Night all.


  1. What a garden , great garlic, and the band played on, you do live in a truly wonderful community that has great togetherness spirit.

  2. "The Skoog Farm Journal" has been included in our Sites To See #447. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


  3. The gardens look wonderful. I love fresh berries, bet yours taste juicy and sweet. What an adorable pup.


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