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Monday, July 27, 2015

Shots in the Dark....

 Surprise! Surprise!
After chores, Doug and his brother arrived....
 and took away
 all of our manure.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The temperature hit 90 today so I stayed inside where it was cool much of the afternoon.
Gary added some fresh paint to the picket fence.
Yesterday I decided to do something with the leftover cabbage (a 10 pounder from our garden) and started a huge pot of soup.  Today I added some nuggets and we had it for dinner.
 along with an apple/carrot/craisin/peanut salad.
A crazy time to have soup, but the house was cool (all the windows were closed and we had a couple fans going) and it tasted great.
 Chores a little early, as I had a 7:15 meeting.
 Poor Angel has been very gimpy....see how she is holding her hind leg?  We think it's her hip and an appointment has been made with a chiropractor who just happens to be a vet.
 Got them all tucked in and left the van on.

 Turned it off when I got home at 9:30 and went out to the studio to see if it had cooled off yet.
I'll close the windows tomorrow morning and hope that I can manage the temperature for my class.

Night all.


  1. Moonlit flowers, beautiful, or was it the flash? Hope Angel recuperates soon.

  2. Just as beautiful as the day
    Lily & Edward


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